Working to build a diverse and mutually respectful Ocean County.

Join us as we build bridges across cultures and communities.

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Common Grounds

Our community garden is back for its fourth season bringing residents of all ages and backgrounds together to create a beautiful and productive space for all to enjoy.

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We work to foster communication by creating spaces and opportunities for individuals of different backgrounds to come together.


Founded by Orthodox Jewish community activists, we’ve recruited people from all cultures and ethnicities to engage in bridge building.

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Our mission  is to foster dialogue and positive interaction between the region’s Orthodox Jewish community and their neighbors. The vision propelling the work is for a diverse, but mutually respectful, Ocean County regional area where everyone feels connected, celebrated and valued.

What We Do

We’re a 501c3 non-profit serving Ocean County, New Jersey and the surrounding areas. We aim to build bridges and foster dialogue and do so by hosting events, educational series and other activities that bring together diverse groups of participants. In addition to our recently launched community garden, we’ve aso held #KneadKindness, a girls’ night out Challah bake, Super Soul Sundays, Superbowl parties hosted for the homeless population, and worked with local media including The Asbury Park Press to create education and awareness of the diversity in Ocean County.